The place

Manger Gallery Exterior1

The house dates from c1710 and my family has lived here for over 120 years, converting cowsheds, barns, onion chambers and rhubarb houses into homes over recent decades. Until around the time I was born we were market gardeners, and the Gallery itself has been home to several horses down the years, including Prince, Duke and Tommy.

Kings Newton is an attractive hamlet, with pleasant walks, its own holy well, and The Hardinge Arms pub, where the first Newton Wonder apple was grown from a seedling found in the guttering.

Melbourne is an historic Market Town, with a stunning Hall and gardens overlooking the beautiful pool, interesting independent shops, award-winning pubs and restaurants, and one of the finest Norman churches in the country. Every September it hosts a lively arts festival, with artists and makers of every type showing their work in public buildings and private houses, with music, food, comedy and drama.