The Manger Gallery

The Manger Gallery, Derbyshire is a small, atmospheric Gallery housed in a 19th Century stable, part of my family home, which borders the hamlet of Kings Newton and the attractive market town of Melbourne. The Gallery shows changing selections of my own work, alongside ceramics, sculpture, stained glass, booklets and artists cards. The Manger Gallery also seeks to draw attention to a handful of regional artists whose work links with concerns evident in my own, in special themed exhibitions. Work in the British Romantic tradition, with a strong narrative or literary dimension, visionary, spiritual or religious themes, decorative aspects, connecting inner and outer worlds, unafraid to draw upon art of the past. This is bold, imaginative, highly individual work, eschewing wooly or abstruse ‘concepts’ and instead exploring big ideas and personal visions in accessible and beautiful ways, with media including paintings and drawings, print-making, lettering and textiles. 

“My doorway has always been beauty and stillness and you contextualise that beautifully with your art and faith. To me the Manger Gallery feels like a rare tiny ark, safeguarding this way of seeing and knowing” 
Susanna Grace, Sheffield